DISCOM exhaust systems

Inland vessels are regularly adjusted to meet technical regulations, among others for the emission of harmful substances and not to exceed the maximum noise standards.

DBH supplies sophisticated exhaust systems of DISCOM, not to exceed current and future limit values.

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Exhaust systems

There are plenty possibilities in the field of exhaust systems. DBH wants to offer you the right solution, so that together we can enjoy a more silent environment.

The exhaust system consists of (among other things):

Exhaust silencer

There are exhaust silencers in different types. Absorption, reflection and combination dampers. Depending on the kind of exhaust noise we will make the right decision with you.

Vibration-free setup

To gain a good, noise-free environment, it is important to disconnect the exhaust system from the area where it is located.

We do this by means of flexible points, but also by using compensators, compensator hoses, deck penetrations and bulkhead penetrations. DBH can advice you in a right way, so that you will get as much profit as possible from your exhaust silencer.


Of course, we also supply attachments like: spark arresters, rain dampers, gaskets and flanges to complete your exhaust system.

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