Generator sets

DBH supplies generator sets in many forms. We also guide companies in the purchase, because generator sets are used in many different surroundings and circumstances.

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Advice about generator sets

The generator often is an important energy supplier. It is therefore essential that it works at all times.

DBH accompanies companies in their choice for generator sets and takes a look at the possibilities together with you. Our experts understand the generator sets, as well as the products they have to work with and the environment in which that happens.

Repair and overhaul

To make sure the generator sets will continue operating, we provide timely maintenance. By executing the maintenance of your diesel engine timely, you will reduce unexpected stagnation to a minimum. In case of unexpected stagnation, DBH provides worldwide repairs on location.

Finally, we can help you with the overhaul of diesel engines in general and generator sets in particular. Before starting the work we make clear appointments about the proceedings to be carried out, so that you exactly know what is going to happen and that you immediately have a clear idea of the expenses.

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Product overview

Why DBH Diesel Engines?

24/7 service
We are accessible 24/7 so that we can help you worldwide, whenever you need us.

Knowledge and Experience
DBH works with trained and qualified engineers, to guarantee the highest quality.

Parts in stock
Essential parts can be supplied directly. All other parts are available in short term.

Clear communication
We agree on the proceedings to be carried out and inform about the progress daily. In this way you are always up-to-date.

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